About KnowEGuide

About KnowEGuide

About KnowEGuide

About KnowEGuide:

These days world is becoming a globe of digital interconnections; conventional is becoming outdated and un-conventional is new conventional. With the advent of technology, intelligence is becoming artificial and robots are getting nearer and nearer in terms of depicting human behavior. There are in-numerable arenas of cross collaboration with different fields of education be it engineering, medicine, arts, commerce, legal etc. and it is increasing day in and day out. At times it becomes extremely difficult to find a right choice of course full time, online, correspondence out of many different choices; and to add to complexities which field to choose and how to choose remains a daunting question. So, the KnowEGuide!

KnowEGuide as a solution!

To proceed in such diverse era of interconnected and intertwined education areas, all of us need to be updated about all new fields available, how to go about getting into the fields that interest each one of. Also the dynamism of all the industries combined together with the ever looming global situations all the working professionals as well need to update their knowledge base every now and then. This is where we at KnowEGuide act as facilitators and try to make it easier for people to find about the different areas of education. At times we go above and beyond to help individuals with the curated course selections. Our broader aim is to make a live repository about maximum areas of education and keep it increasing as we know that learning won’t seize ever.

In this endeavor we would be seeking everyone’s help and try to make a guide for people of all age groups and help them making wiser and sound choices to accelerate in respective careers. As we proceed on this journey together; it is a promise to provide best in class facilitation of career choices, assistance in making decision and making a collaborative environment for all so that win-win situation for all students, academia , research houses and industries. We are excited about this humongous opportunity that lies ahead of us knocking on our doors enabling each one of us to learn and make this world a better place to live.

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